letter of science love child

archimedes and einstein not understand a magnetic love field beetween us .
edison and einstein was unable to formulate e = mc2
it not comparable with tha moment of my love

the first your shadow feel right in my eart focus
real , upright , magnified by the power of the lens maximum
how appropiration of oil drop falling in vacuum
my love is nigger than avogadro's number

despite our distance like a sun and neptune in aphelium
the potential energy is not affected by the constant love style
even the law of conservation energy can not compete law of conservation of our love

see our love of law
momment perpendicular of the moment me and your love
make our love in a perfect equilibrium
with infinite inertia
would not be dettered impukse and momentum force

this is resultant momentum of  our love  . . . . . . . .

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