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What is April Fools? Usually people would say that April Fool, the only force on 1 April, is the day where we can and legitimate deceive friends, parents, siblings, or the like, and the target should not be angry or emotional when he realized that April Fool's Day has become a target. Usually the target, if it is aware of April Fool's got, then he also will laugh or curse at least annoyed, angry, of course, not real.
Although not as popular as New Year's celebration or Valentine's Day, April Fool's culture in the last two decades show a trend that more and more familiar in our urban communities. It is not impossible also, in the future also be extended to the people who live in rural areas. Ironically, people with this easy to imitate
Western culture without think first, whether the culture is good or not, beneficial or Otherwise. Did you know that April Fool's celebration which always ends with joy and satisfaction that, in fact originated from a great tragedy that is very sad and heartbreaking? April Fool, or The April's Fool Day, originated from a single episode of the history of Muslim Spain in the year 1487, or coincide with the 892 H. Since the release of Islam in the century-8M by Commander Tariq ibn Ziyad, Spain gradually grown into a prosperous country. Islamic forces do not just stop in Spain, but continued to liberation in countries around toward France. South of France easily freed.City of Carcassone, Nimes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Poitou, Tours, and so fell. Although very powerful, the Islamic forces are still giving to the tribe Got tolerance and Navarro in the area west of a mountain. Islamic Spain has been illuminating. Because the attitude of Muslim rulers who was so kind and humble, many Spaniards who then sincerely and willingly embraced Islam. Muslim Spain was not only Muslims, but actually practicing the Islamic way of life. Not only read the Quran, but behave according to the Qur'an. They always say no to music, beer, free association, and all that Islam prohibited.
Peaceful situation like that lasted nearly six centuries. During the same infidels who still exist in Spain around continue to work tirelessly to clean Islam from Spain, but always failed. So dikirimlah a number of spies to learn the weakness of Muslim Spain. Finally they found a way to conquer Islam, namely by first weakening their faith through street attack thought and culture. So start secretly sending them free alcohol and cigarettes into the territory of Spain. Music is played to persuade the youth to be more like singing and dancing instead of reading the Qur'an. They also sent a number of scholars-niumkan false to blow the division into the body of Muslim Spain. Over time this effort to fruition. Spain eventually fall and be controlled by the crusaders. The attacks by the Crusaders completely done with cruel without knowing humanity. Not only the Muslims who were massacred, but also civilians, women, small children, old people. One by one region in Spain falls. Granada was the last area of ​​the conquered. Muslim populations in Spain (also known as the Moors) was forced to take refuge in the house to save themselves. The soldiers of the Cross continues to pursue them. When the streets were deserted, leaving thousands of corpses stay lying bathed in a pool of blood, the soldiers of the Cross knows that many of the Muslims of Granada who was still hiding in the houses. Crusaders loudly shouted announcement, that the Muslims of Granada can get out of the house safely and allowed to sail out of Spain by carrying goods for them. Islamic people are still suspicious of this offer. But some of the Muslims are allowed to see their own passenger ships which had been prepared at the port. Having actually seen a ship that has been provided, they immediately prepared to leave Granada and sailed left Spain.
The next day, thousands of Muslim population of Granada out of their homes by bringing all things necessary, walk hand in hand toward the harbor. Some Muslims who do not trust the Crusaders, opted to stay and continue to hide in their homes. After thousands of Muslims gathered at the port of Spain, with a quick Crusaders ransacked the houses that have been abandoned. Visible flames licking the sky when they are burning houses, together with Islamic people who still persist in it. Medium thousands of Muslims who are stuck in port, can only be struck when soldiers of the Cross also burning ships is said to transport them out of Spain. The ships were quickly sunk. Thousands of Muslims can not do anything about it because it was not armed. They are also mostly composed of women with children are still small. Who's the Crusader army had surrounded them with drawn swords.
With a shout from the leader, immediately Crusaders massacred thousands of Muslims Spain without a sense of compassion. Wild cry and Takbir formations. The entire Muslim Spain in the port was gone cruelly murdered. Blood welled up everywhere. Blue sea has turned into a dusky red. This tragedy coincided with the 1st of April. This is then celebrated by the Christian world every April 1 as April Fool (The April's Fool Day). On April 1, people are allowed to cheat and lie to others. For Christians, the April Fool's Day is a day of victory over Spain's killed thousands of Muslims by the Crusaders through fraudulent means. For this reason, they celebrate April Fool's a way to legalize fraud and deceit even though wrapped in the name of entertainment or just a mere fad. For Muslims, April Fool's certainly a very sad tragedy. Day in which thousands of his brothers and sisters slaughtered by the Crusaders massacred in Granada, Spain. Therefore, it is not appropriate there are also Muslims who went along to celebrate this tradition. Anyone participating Muslims celebrate April Fool's, so he really is celebrating the anniversary of mass killings of thousands of his brethren in Granada, Spain, 5 centuries ago. O my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, until  you all celebrate April Fool's Day today, after knowing what really lies behind the Western world celebration held every April 1 it? Allah SWT will be a witness for us all. Allaah a'lamu Bishowab.

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